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MIPA in Washington DC,

  • NCPA Pharmacy Fly-In (April 26-27, 2023)
    • MIPA and Michigan Independent Pharmacy Owners were proud to meet with congressional representatives from the State of Michigan at the NCPA Fly-In. We are very appreciative of NCPA for providing facetime with staff members to allow our MIPA members and additional Michigan Pharmacies to discuss PBM reform, provider status and other topics. We hope to have more representation from our great state next year!
    • In attendance were the following Michigan Pharmacy Representatives.
      • John Gross (Director of MIPA) - MIPA MEMBER
      • Steve & Emily Jensen (Jensen's Community Pharmacy) - MIPA MEMBER
      • Marwan Isa (Lincoln Rx Pharmacy) - MIPA MEMBER
      • Stefan Miller (Benson Drug) - MIPA MEMBER
      • Nashwan Algumaei (Arbor Lakes Pharmacy)
      • Brandon Peiffer (Vice President, Operations - Sav-Mor)

Our Mission

The Michigan Independent Pharmacy Association was formed in 2019 to provide a unified voice for independent pharmacies in public policy discussions.

Our Role

The Michigan Independent Pharmacy Association has an aggressive political agenda to protect independent pharmacies by educating state legislators, congressional leaders, and the public on the importance of independent pharmacies.

Join Us

If you are an independent pharmacy owner, you need to join this organization and begin fighting back. Only through a unified voice can we be heard.


Medicare Part D DIR Fees

MIPA is currently working in collaboration with the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and others on a national platform to eliminate or significantly reduce DIR fees in the Medicare Part D program.

MIPA supports S. 127 PBM Transparency Act of 2023 & S.113 The Prescription Pricing for the People Act

Please reach out to your senators to urge them to cosponsor both bills here!

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

MIPA aggressively opposes the unfair practices of PBMs that lack transparency and lead to unfair pharmacy reimbursement, claw backs, adjustments, and fees after the point of sale.

Former Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth stated “We were fortunate to have the opportunity to team up with the Michigan Independent Pharmacy Association and find success with this important legislation." See Press Release Here

For a detailed overview of HB 4348 and what changes will be in effect in 2024, please login to the members portal.


MIPA will continue to advocate for fair and reasonable PBM audits that will protect pharmacies from unreasonable audit practices and recoupment methodologies.


MIPA will continue to advocate for adequate pharmacy reimbursement from all payors, including Medicaid, Medicare, and others. All pharmacies deserve to be reimbursed at or above cost, with reasonable dispensing fees, and without "clawbacks."


MIPA members are provided access to the latest developments in Michigan health care policy, updates to news that affect independent pharmacy businesses and a voice at the table where pharmacy policy decisions are made.

Michigan independent pharmacies should join MIPA to form a strong, unified network to increase pharmacy reimbursement, combat non-transparent practices of PBMs, protect pharmacies from unfair audit practices, and more.

MIPA is fighting for pharmacy transparency, fair reimbursement, and improved access and quality for patients.

This organization was founded by like-minded independent pharmacy owners to have an impact and fight for community pharmacies.

We need all independent pharmacies to join us!

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